About Us
Royal House of Roast Beef is now under a new owner and management since December 15, 2014.  As most of you may know, the Markos family has retired although some of the family members have remained to help the new owner. From the Markos family passing onto the Mikhael family, Royal House of Roast Beef will be in great hands. The Mikhael family has been in the business for over 25 years and has been all over the world. Let us tell you more about us. Magdi Mikhael, the new owner is a hard worker and has started ever since 1990 and became an Italian Chef and pizza maker in Europe (Netherland/Germany) from 1990-1995. Italian pizza and seafood manager at the Willows Pizza in Westford, MA from 1995-1998. Italian chef at Capillini’s in Tewksbury, Ma. From 1999-2003. Manager at Giovanni’s Restaurant in Lowell, Ma. From 2003-2005. Chef at Isabella Restaurant (Upscale Restaurant) in Dedham, Ma. From 2005-2006. Part-time, main chef at Olive Garden Restaurant in Nashua, New Hampshire. Also from 2005-2006. Manager at Suppa’s Pizza, Lowell, Ma. From 2006-2007. Cook and manager at Milan Pizza, Lowell, Ma. From 2007-2014. And now, owner of Royal House of Roast Beef since December 15, 2014. With all this experience with so many places and countries, I’ve come to Royal House of Roast Beef to experience the Roast Beef business, and I absolutely love it.

The Markos family has run this business for over 25 years, putting all their effort and hard work to result in such great success. We thank the Markos family for the opportunity to give my family and I the enjoyment of the loyal customers of Royal House of Roast Beef in Methuen. We will continue to serve them with all the effort and perseverance we have. Nothing will be changed in Royal House of Roast Beef. All we’ve done so far since December 15, 2014 is add some new salads, steak tips for salads, soon to add a kids menu, calzone and pasta in the future to let customers have a bigger variety to choose from, having a meal for everyone to enjoy.

The Mikhael family, 4 kids and one on the way, will be living in Lowell since 1995 to present day. We hope to see all of our loyal customers and hope you all enjoy our service as we appreciate and enjoy your business.  We look forward to updating the menu and adding newer items.

If you have any comments or complaints, please feel free to contact the owner, Magdi Mikhael at 978-794-4996.